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Prof. H. N ASWATHNARAYAN, M.Sc., M.Phil.


With a lofty and noble principle of providing boarding and lodging facilities to the students in the pursuit of Higher Education, T.T.L. Trust (R) dedicated to the families of Thammaiah, Thayamma and Lingaiah established T.T.L Hostel in 1942. The inmates of this hostel have become national leaders and have occupied key positions in various walks of life.  Magnanimity and mercy are the noblest attributes of man. Under the able and benevolent stewardship of Dr. K. L Ramadas, a leading Psychiatrist in the city of Kansas, Liberal state, United states of America.

T.T.L. Educational Institution is galloping to reach its goal “Training Tomorrow’s leaders”.  Dr. Ramadas is a gentleman personified with Truth, Tolerance and Love. Having the divine concept of Vidya Dhana uppermost in his mind, Dr. Ramadas has translated the desires of his parents and grand parents into reality thereby offering Higher Education towards total learning.

In Order to meet the requirements and aspirations of young students, TTL First Grade College with Bachelor Of Business Management (BBM) course was founded in 1997. As per the wishes of the students for carving out a bright future, a post graduate degree in Master of Business Administration (MBA) was introduced in 1999 with the permission from All India Council of Technical Education, Government of Karnataka and University of Mysore. For attracting talented students to BBM and fulfilling the desires of students passing SSLC Examination, Pre-University Course came into being in 1999. Besides these Courses, B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce) was introduced in the same year with permission from the University in order to meet the wishes of many students as this Institution meets the requirements of the Management and Commerce courses.

It is now a feather in the cap of T.T.L Trust that a Study Centre of Karnataka State Open University was sanctioned in June 2000. The object of the Open University is to provide Distance Education to those yearning for higher knowledge and thereby creating job opportunities to youngsters not able to secure degrees by attending regular classes owing to various reasons. Karnataka State Open University was established in 1996 keeping in view the Educational needs of the Nation in general and the State in particular. It is the eigth Open University in our Country. The University has a long and rich experience in the field of Distance Education. The Open learning system is a unique and challenging mode of Education offered at the University level. This system provides ample opportunities for those who desire to have University Education at their place of work or residence. This method is popularly Knows as Distance Education. Distance Education is perhaps the only way to meet the increasing demand for higher education especially in a developing country like India. Distance Education programmes are specially designed for

  1. Students who discontinue their formal education owing to pecuniary or other circumstances.
  2. Students residing in geographically remote areas.
  3. Students who cannot get admission to regular College or a Post –Graduate Department.
  4. Employed persons who cannot pursue their study as fulltime students and
  5. Individuals who wish to pursue learning for knowledge sake.

Programmes offered by the Open university at T.T.L. Study Centre are B.A., B.Com., M.B.A., M.A., M.Com., B. Lib.,(Sc)., & P.G.Diploma and Certificate Courses. Admissions are made under two categories namely

  1. Regulation I (Open ) Where no educational qualification is required but  age is the main criteria
  2. Regulation II (Formal ) Where basic educational qualifications are needed . For both syllabus is the same. Besides, certain programmes through internet are under preparation

Thus the objectives of the K.S.O.U are :

i.  Taking  higher education to the doorsteps of the learners .
ii. providing high quality education to those irrespective of age, region or formal qualifications.
iii.  Promoting and developing distance education
iV. Providing opportunity to study at one’s own place and convenience.
V.  Choosing the combination of courses from a wide range of disciplines

The University caters to the requirements of students on the basis of conventional and non-conventional methods of teaching and learning. The study centre provides contact points for the students on all major aspects of the programme. These include weekend counseling sessions, Library facilities, disseminating information and advice and provide audio-visual aids. Thus the study centre is a co-ordinating agency between the University and the students. Classes are conducted by qualified and experienced Lecturers and Professors. University Examinations for students attached to this centre in various programmes are conducted here.

Above all these, the Trust has well equipped Library and Computer Centre with Internet Facility. In addition, the Trust has created an Academy for training candidates for various Competitive Examinations conducted by the State and Central Govt., the Banks, the L.I.C., Railway Recruitments Board, National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) and other quasi Agencies.

To script in conclusion, there can be no ray of doubt that TTL Educational Institution which has flourished and risen to great heights within a short Span of 19 years would be a premier learning centre in the princely city of Mysore very soon. 

Prof. H. N ASWATHNARAYAN, M.Sc., M.Phil.