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  • Admission

As per University of Mysore Norms

  • Program title

The program is called Masters of Commerce. The duration of the program is two years consisting four semesters.

  • Program Content

The Program consist various subjects prescribed by the University of Mysore and a major project report should be submitted at the end of the program.  

  • Attendance and Code of Conduct

Student should have minimum attendance of 75 per cent in each course (subject).  If any candidate fails to maintain the same, the course is going to be dropped and the same is going to be re-registered in subsequent semester as a regular course without harming the regular courses.  The Students are expected to adhere to and practice the Code of Ethics of the department like rules and regulations framed by the department, academic honesty, respect towards institutions and teachers, and so on.

  • Instructions

Each course will have 3 hours of lecture and 2 hours of tutorials.  In the morning session students will have lecture hours of all the courses and in the afternoon session students are going to be grouped for tutorials for the group discussions and case analysis.

  • Examination and Continuous Assessment

Each course is divided into internal assessment of 50 marks and external assessment of 50 marks.  The internal assessment of 50 further divided into 25 each and called as C1 and C2 (i.e. Continuous Assessment-1 and Continuous Assessment-2).  These C1 and C2 are assessed based on the various assignments, seminars presentation (individual student has to give presentation), tests, case analysis, group discussions and group presentations etc.  All the students has to submit their internal assessment work on time as per the calendar of events as department does not encourage the re-test and re-assessments.  The external assessment of 50 marks is the semester end examination with 2 hours of duration, which is conducted by the University of Mysore.